Wednesday, 30 May 2012

St. Pauli on video

We have been in Denmark in a couple of days now and therefore a lot of time to edit some video clips. Unfortunately the memory card couldn't make it through the airport security in Amsterdam, because Ghost forgot to turn off the camera in the bag. The security guards could see the red light and they kept it. :( 

Here is the video from St. Pauli. We hope that you like it!  

Thursday, 24 May 2012

An untimely end

It is with much grief that we have to announce the far to early end of our journey. Casper's condition is far worse then we first thought - he was called by his doctor this morning and according to him, he can have a heart attack or cardiac arrest anytime without warning. Therefore we are forced to go back to Denmark immediately to get him under the right treatment. 

We are now in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam waiting for a plane home, still trying to comprehend this unexpected situation. We have been planning and looking forward to this trip for a very long time, and it is obviously against our will to give up and go home so early. But in a situation were one of the participants health is seriously at risk, we could see no other way. Jonathan thought of going on by himself at first, but we decided that, since we have done all of this together as team, we also end it as a team.

Even in this sad moment, we must try to remember all the good experiences we have had this last week, and all the great people we have met. 

We thank you all, friends, family, sponsors and all the people that have been following us, for you overwhelming support. We are most grateful! 

We hope to be able to continue the journey some other time - hopefully with greater fortune. 

Until then take care.

Over and out
Casper & Jonathan

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A very different day

Casper still needed time to recover from yesterday, so today consisted of a minimum of cycling and instead we had time to have Casper's the rear wheel trued and take the train to Maastricht in Holland to make up for the cycling we couldn't do. After getting used to spending many hours in the saddle every day it was very strange to sit still in a train all day. We passed through the industrial city of Düsseldorf and the view through the window was often like this:

We had to make many tight shifts between trains today, but with german precision everything worked out in the end.

Cargobikes are very bulky in a train full of people!

Casper cruising through Maastricht in slippers

The old centre of Maastricht 

Temporary pause

Casper have had a serious allergic reaction (anaphylactic chock), and have stayed the night at the hospital in Rheine. It will probably take a few days for him to recover his strength but we'll be back soon. On the positive side, we will have some time to edit a video and take some good pictures around here in while he recovers!

Thanks to Jonathan for the help! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Tired legs in Rheine

Todays ride from Bremen to Rheine required at least at much mental power as physical. We were in the saddle for 9 hours, and rode at long, very straight main roads all day in 30 degrees and clear skies. Therefore it was even more of a relief to enjoy a cold beer and bathing the much tested feet in the river Rheine when we arrived.

Some very tired cargocyclists!

Monday, 21 May 2012

We're now in Bremen!

After an easy day with about 100 km. a very kind family in Bremen invited us into their home after an e-mail dialogue through! The husband is a bike messenger in Bremen for a company called FahrradExpress and the wife is a landscape architect, they got two kids; Max and Lisa, very nice! 

Here is a picture of their lovely house in Bremen. 

Smile Jonathan, SMILE! :)

Appetizer for the next video in St. Pauli to the harbor in Hamburg. This one is with Ghost in his brand new bibs. It was 25 degrees this morning. He wished that he got some shorts to wear over the bibs, but unfortunately he didn't have any. Very hot! 

Nach Hamburg (Video!)

We have put together a short video of the ride to Hamburg. None of us have any video editing experience, so don't expect anything special! It's just more as a test of the GoPro camera. In the video it's placed on the front of Casper's rack - we'll try something different today, hopefully with a more interesting view.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hotel in Hamburg

We though that we earned ourself a bit of luxary after last night were we slept in a tiny tent on top of our bags. We found a hotel in sct. Pauli in the centre of Hamburg, that allowed us to lock the bikes securely in their basement. Finally we were able to wash our sweaty clothes in the bathing tub at the hotel room. Looking forward to fresh, clean clothes for tomorrows ride to Bremen!

Some other pictures from our 3rd day.

A little appetizer to a GoPro video...

It reminds Ghost of a big crash into a van in Hamburg last year... 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pasta with spinach and balkan risotto.. in a bag

Bon appetit!

The view was definetly a better experiance then the food... 

First day in Germany!

We just arrived at a cosy campsite by a lake, near the city of Euthin. It has been a great day with beautiful nature and great cycling paths around Fehmern. We also found a great view riding across the Fehmernsund bridge!
Now we just have to get some decent rest, and hopefully be able to reach Bremen tomorrow.

We had to ride full speed up 'Lane 1' to reach the ferry just before the gates closed!

Photos from the German roads.

Friday, 18 May 2012

1st stage completed

We arrived tired, but in good spirit at Jonathan's summerhouse on the island of Møn. A tough day with much headwind and many hills, but luckily the bikes worked perfectly and we were spared of any punctures. We have some small problems with the GPS from Polar, so you have to wait a little bit longer to see the route. 

We will update tomorrow evening, when we find some better internet instead of Jonathan's smartphone. 

We miss you guys and lovers! :) 

Next stop Germany!

Some pictures from the first days

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Finally ready to go!

The bikes are finally ready, and we are leaving tomorrow at noon. So exiting!


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Banners for Jonathan's Bullitt!

20 days 'till we set sail to Barcelona. Jody has just finished the banners for the Bullitt and we are more then impressed with the graphic work!

Benzin has begun the production of them and we expect to have them in about 10 days.

What do you think?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

3 new sponsors joining the team!

Only three weeks from today till we depart and butterlies is starting to rumble in the tummy. All the last bits is falling into place regarding the equipment, thanks to the help of three great companies that we admire.

It is with pride that we can announce what seems to be the last three sponsors of our trip:

Cinelli - legendary italian manufacturer of bikes and components for more than half a century, needs no further intorduction. They will support us with merchandise, caps and bottles for the trip.

Swrve - functional and good looking bike apparel at resonable prices. Can it get any better? They are supporting us with a bunch of their best bike clothing!

Soigneur - great danish bike shop, selling only the best quality bikes and clothing - and providing the best service as well! They will help us with some of their own-branded bib-shorts.

Thank you all!

Also Jody has helped us out once more, designing the banners for the bikes. They look absolutley stunning! Great work in no time, once again.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Even though their sponsor budget was already used up, they agreed to help us out with a bunch of cool summer cycling socks. Thanks a lot guys!

Check out their website Prendas Ciclismo, they got a lot of quality cycling stuff at very affordable prices and a lot of cool vintage jerseys. And most importantly they are great doing business with!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

The design of our jerseys is done!

After a lot of work with the jerseys and sponsors we can finally announce our jersey for the first of our many future journeys. 

As you know is the man behind the graphics, Jody Barton !

But the design of our jerseys are made by FlipDesigns and we are more than satisfied with the result! 

Our jerseys will be made by Milltag and we will have them in Denmark in 5-6 weeks from today. The jerseys will cost 65gbp for each.  

Friday, 30 March 2012

Welcome to Polar

It's an honor to announce one of our newest two sponsors. Polar is known by athletes, triathletes and ordinary health minded people. With great tech and amazing design it's the right product for us. We can wait to prove that Polar has the greatest products. 

Polar will give us an CS600X cycling computer with GPS, so you can track us on Twitter, Facebook and maybe in here.