Our Sponsors

Our sponsors make the journey a reality - we couldn't have done it without their help! 

Thanks to Jody Barton for the unique design to our blog! A very respectful work as we're very proud of! Jody's 

Thanks to Ky√§ni for natural energy to us for the next three months! 

Thanks to Benzin for sponsoring our banners!

Thanks to Polar for sponsoring RCX5 watch and CS500+ cycling computer! We are so thankful! 

Thanks to FlipDesigns for the design of our jerseys! 

Thanks to Prendas for socks and merchandise! 

Thanks to TrackBikeShop for helping us with setting up our bikes and merchandise! 

Thanks to Cinelli - legendary italian manufacturer of bikes and components for more than half a century, needs no further introduction. They will support us with merchandise, caps and bottles for the trip.

Thanks to Swrve - functional and good looking bike apparel at resonable prices. Can it get any better? They are supporting us with a bunch of their best bike clothing!

Thanks to Soigneur - great danish bike shop, selling only the best quality bikes and clothing - and providing the best service as well! They will help us with some of their own-branded bib-shorts.

Thanks to Fjeld&Fritid - danish outdoor shop, providing KNOG bike lights and merchandise and offering discount on their products. 


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