About Us

We are Casper and Jonathan - two experienced bike couriers from Copenhagen with the crazy idea to ride all the way through Europe to Barcelona on our cargobikes - in less then a month! We will ride with all we bring along packed on the front rack and expect to sleep in backyards and open fields, depending on the local hospitality. The trip will take us over the Pyránées - a major challenge with a 20kg bike with the same amount of luggage on top, but we are confident we'll make it over somehow. The bottom gears will become handy, that's for sure!
We are pulling the strings of all our network to find support for the trip, and we have recieved a lot of help in form of sponsorships and logistical help, of which we are truely grateful.

We are hoping to keep the blog updated along the way, hopefully with photos and perhaps also video footage. The frequency of updates will of course depend on how often we will find internet access.

We are hoping to make it an interesting bike touring blog and you are of course very welcome to comment on our posts or help us with some tips and tricks if you are experienced with bike touring or wildlife camping in general.

NB! Unfortunately Ghost's bike has been stolen, but his new Bilenky cargobike is on the way!

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